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Wow. We need to talk about this season finale. And all of the episodes leading up to it. I've been slacking, I know, and I'm sorry.
But really, OMFGG. They made us believe Diana was Chuck's mom (which I called from weeks ago), only to reveal she's not, threw in another B & C lovestorm, brought back Bart from the dead, turned Serena into a druggie, and even more. So yes, we really have a lot we need to discuss.
As I continue to think and re-think the pandemonium that was the past few episodes, I can't help but believe that we're actually revisiting the past--the most recent events feel more like seasons 1, 2, and 3 than ever before. Hello? Serena and Dan with the infamous S & N sex scene reference? Rufus and Lily having trouble again? Now she's back with Bart? B & C and all their games? Now all we need is Eric to check back into rehab, Little J to make some freshmen mistakes, and Venessa to run off with Dan, and BOOM, that's the Gossip Girl we all know and love.
First things first, what a twisted fancy story Diana had about being Chuck's mom. My only question is--what's the deal with the picture? Are Jack and Elizabeth Chuck's real parents? And Bart.. you come back from the dead and completely destroy your son? What the hell is wrong with you? EW times one thousand. Million.

Carol is a psycho. And the whole money thing from Ivy to Lily to Carol to William to Lily slash Lola to Ivy again? Phew. I need a glass of water just after trying to process all that. But if Ivy wanted her money all along, why did she tear up the check Lily gave her for helping to arrest Carol? Weird.
Speaking of Lily, I loved that the Rufus/Lily drama was back, but really? They are going to get divorced so abruptly? Lily needs some major help. And so does her daughter. S has officially gone off the deep-end and back into pre-boarding school S. #score.
The final episode with the diary entries was adorable. But it's so frustrating how Blair is with Chuck. And then how Chuck was with Blair. And then they were in a casino? And Jack was their friend? Literally, so many things have happened, so many relationships have been torn, pieced back together, and torn again, that I can't even keep track anymore of who's on who's side. Sigh.
In the end, I am only left with two questions:
1. What ever happened to Nate's assistant who was being all sneaky? Remember her?
2. Who the hell is Svetlana Sparks??? If you watch the past few episodes again, and pause, right where Lola reads the letter from GG, it is signed, Svetlana Sparks. Yes, there's a Georgina Sparks, so maybe I'm reading into it, but this is all too weird.
It seems as if the tables have turned on every character who usually has a predicable future, and I can't wait to see what happens in the final season of GG.
Have a wonderful summer, and try to stay out of trouble. xoxo

Con Heir, Interrupted

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That's right. GG is back, so I am too. And I'm ready to talk about the past two week's episodes, "Con Heir" and "It Girl, Interrupted" -- or as I've conveniently shortened it for you, "Con Heir, Interrupted." Let's do this.
1. Two weeks ago, as B was giving a new definition to "elevator etiquette," achem, wasn't she still married? Like, who does she think she is? And what ever happened to her royal watchdog? We then find out, a week later, that no, she's no longer married. So she can roam free and make elevator whoopy to Brooklyn boys wherever she likes. As if no one would have seen their love sesh on the cameras in the VDW's(slash Ivy's?) apartment building. And didn't Dan do that exact same thing at some point with S? Boy needs to get a little more creative.
2. William is acting sneaky.. what's that man up to? And who's side is he on? He is so greasy I could cook french fries on him.
3. Why does not one single person in all of New York City know who donated blood to Chuck? This isn't a little game of hide and seek.. it's someone's medical records! And the best hospitals in NYC don't have his medical history? Hm. Ok. Speaking of Chuck--his mom... are they really going to go down that road again? We all know who it's going to be.. Diana! Obv, why else would she be back? Remember that phone call she had with Jack the night of the accident? And the fact that she just told Nate that while she's in NYC she has "other business she needs to take care of?" Yeah, other business as in your son: Chuck! This is getting all too sticky and weird.
4. Lola.. Got me on my knees, Lola? This girl has got me so confused. First she wants nothing to do with her mom or her new family, then she sides with them at a UES party she for some reason goes to that Ivy is hosting at the VDW apartment? Then she's looking to Serena for advice, who's playing her, and modeling at UES parties? Who the hell is this girl?
5. Last, but certainly not least, why is Blair being so nasty to Chuck? She is toying with his mind, and it breaks my heart to keep watching it. I don't see where the show is going with this. I mean, he paid her effing dowry, and she is still a queen B (pun intended) to his poor little soul. Ugh, it's awful. But definitely not as awful as that red tracksuit he was wearing, that's for sure.
See you next week! 


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Ok, ok. I know everyone is getting a little antsy without their weekly dose of GG. However, April 2nd is so close, I can almost see... spoilers! Like these ones below!



That's right: Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf were spotted this week on set filming a scene in SoHo, and I had eyes, ears, and iPhone cameras all over it. According to (my) sources, C and B had a conversation on the sidewalk and then got into Chuck's car together. So for all of you Dair fans out there... HAH! Diamonds (especially from Brooklyn) don't last forever.
What I think we're going to see more of:
- Dream scenes. They love doing these, and I know we'll see more of them this season.
- Serena's love life. Which has been lacking, so it's about time they spiced it up a little more. And now that she's GG...
Anyway, that's all I got for now. But don't worry, should I see, hear, or receive any other secrets before April 2nd, you know I'll gossip about them here first!

Over the Top

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Serena and Lola became sisters, Charlie kicked Lily and Rufus out of their apartment, Jack saved Chuck's life, Serena became Gossip Girl, Blair fell out of love with Chuck and in love with Dan (even though he ruined her wedding) all while being married, then annulled, and then married again, CeCe planned her entire funeral from the grave, and not one person cried at the Wake. That's basically how it all went down on Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl, titled "The Princess Dowry." And if you ask me, I think it was a little too over the top. There's always that option of taking things one step too far, and that happened about three times on Monday. But regardless of the excessiveness of the episode, at least some of our questions were answered but only partially. Such as:


1. We now know how and why that phone call was made to Jack, but how does Diana tie into the picture? We'll see more of her, I'm sure of it. Also, how the hell does Chuck not know for 3 months that he a) got a blood transplant and b) it was from his cousin Jack? "Oh, the doctors didn't tell you?" No, why would they? That makes too much sense.




2. CeCe knew "Charlie" was Ivy Dickens? Wait.. WHAT? And instead of freaking out, calling her a criminal, and completely disregarding her (like the rest of the family did), she took her in and left everything to her? Um... what about your real grandchildren like Eric and Serena? Did you forget about them? And why is everyone being so mean to Ivy.. if anyone, they should put the blame on Carol--this whole thing was her idea! And it's so kind when Lily and Carol are fighting and Lily kicks her out of her apartment, while their mother lay dead before them. Have a little respect, ladies.


ivy at wake.jpg


3. How did everyone not know that Mr. VDW was the executive of the estate? What is this, the waiting game? Let's just sit around and wait to see who shows up with our mother's will?




4. Eric can't make the funeral because he's in Africa... naturally. I mean, if he's not on the show anymore, at least kill him off instead of CeCe. That way it won't be necessary to keep making ridiculous excuses for why he's never around.


5. Lily is the first one at the hospital when Blair gets in the car accident, but Lily's mother dies, and Eleanor can't even make an appearance? Rude.


6. Lola and Nate are now in a serious, exclusive, known-each-other-for-years relationship? What has it been now, like 8 and a half minutes? That boy needs to calm down.






7. How is not one person crying? Didn't your mother/grandmother just die? Let's see a few tears UES-ers. And again with the security... who lets Georgina into these shindigs? And then they wonder how they let a "criminal" gain access to their money...well it's probably because you have no concept of security.


On top of everything else, I'm so not into the whole Dair thing. It feels so wrong. Like eating bacon in front of a Rabbi. It's almost as if they have to just create more drama with the characters they do still have instead of spreading it over characters that are no longer with us (such as Vanessa, Jenny, and Eric) like they used to do. That's where the problem lies. It all becomes too much.


And since GG is taking a month hiatus (extra long Spring Break?) I'll be here again post-April 2nd. Xoxo!

All in a Day's Worth

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It's crazy how so many things can happen, so many relationships can form, and so many lives can be changed---all in a day's worth. That's how I felt after watching Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "Cross Rhodes." Literally, from the time the sun rose to the time the sun set on the glorious island of Manhattan, the amount of events that occurred could have compiled an entire new season. Of course, with all the drama, I found myself loving, hating, and wondering a few things:


- The scene where Chuck sends Alexandra Dan's real proposal. Sigh, he'll literally do anything for Blair. It's so adorable.
- The fact that CeCe died thinking Charlie (Ivy) was her wonderful, loving granddaughter. Wasn't there a movie where something like that happened? Touching.
- Dan finally having the balls to tell Blair how he feels. Even though I'm not on team Dair, I'm glad he finally grew a pair.
- "Yes, running from people who would take in your fake daughter as our own, we must be monsters"
- "Yeah, um, up until ten minutes ago, I didn't know I had a family, so forgive me if I'm not really interested in coffee or something"

- Doesn't Blair have a royal watchdog who's supposed to be glued to her side every second? Oh, because, I didn't see her once this entire episode. Funny.
- CeCe says she's "getting better" so to not tell the family. Really? Getting better from cancer? Hm.
- Blair is still MARRIED yet still continues to kiss anyone she wants.



- I'm nauseous from the roller coaster that is Blair and Serena's friendship. Enough already.
- Serena needs to take a few chill pills about B & D. Remember when Serena dated Nate after Blair dated him all of high school? Oh yeah, so take your hypocrisy, S, and relax.



- Although I loved the Charlie/Lola/Carol situation, I hated how they just threw Ivy under the bus without even hearing her out. Even though all of this was Carol's idea. Give the poor girl a break--Geez.

- What kind of excuse they'll think up as for why Jenny or Eric don't show up to CeCe's funeral.
- If Louis is ever going to come back? Hey?
- What Chuck will do with the message GG sent him.
- STILL wondering what Diana and Jack have planned...?


Until next week!


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As if things weren't twisted enough... Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl, "Crazy, Cupid Love" just made things even more complicated, but this time, in a wildly twisted way that we sued to see oh so commonly in the early years of GG. So many scenes in this episode were complete "Realllly?!" moments, so I have to ask:


1. Blair and Louis live in different countries? Sooo, let me get this straight: Blair is now a princess of a foreign country, yet she still lives in her UES apartment with bffroomie, Serena, while her husband prince lives in a palace in Monaco? I mean, I know their marriage is just for show, but they could at least make it a little believable.


2. Charlie! Ivy? Whatever your name is, welcome back! Too bad not one person on the entire UES is surprised? Excited? Or shows any emotion at all to see you pop up out of nowhere. Except, why of course, your long lost friend from Florida--The real Charlotte Rhodes, er, Lola--who runs over to you and nearly stops working to casually sit on a couch with you and chat for 20 minutes. No one thinks this is weird? Wonders how they know each other?





3. Speaking of Chivy (Charlie/Ivy), it's clear what she really wants to tell Lily, but why is CeCe being sick such a secret? Hello! If you're dying, you should probably tell your family, not just the one (fake) granddaughter who kind of already knew. Also why is she in a home in the Hamptons? Doesn't she live in LA?


4. Georgina magically has access to the Royal Prenup? I know she's GG and all, but I'm pretty sure those documents aren't just something you can check out at the public library.


5. Speaking of Georgina... Does her husband not see she's a complete nut job? I don't know how the hell or why the hell he's married to her. Also, who keeps letting her into the Empire? Chuck seriously needs to hire some new hotel security.





And my favorite...


6. After B & D's kiss, Blair tells Dan outside the hotel that she can't be with him because Serena is her best friend and she would never do anything to hurt her. UM, HELLO?! OR BECAUSE YOU ARE MARRIED?! And can't afford (literally) a divorce, or anything considered "bad behaviored" or else your family will live on the streets? This girl is going a little cray-cray if you ask me.





As always, I'll be impatiently waiting for Monday. But for those of you who can't wait... I saw some photos of next week's episode in which everyone is dressed in black (including Mr. VDW) and gathered at the VDW's penthouse. Bye-bye CeCe? I guess we'll have to wait and see-see.

Respectfully Decline

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Told you so--I knew Georgina hasn't been GG this entire time. Helloooo.. that would have been way too easy. After Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Backup Dan," I found myself loving and hating a couple of things:



-  All of the pop-culture references. It's cute, fun, and makes you believe for just a quick second that these are actualllllly real people (wait.. obvi B's real.. right?).

-  Blair and Dan's fight in the hotel room. It was so.. well, real. Every once in a while, the show will give you that moment of true emotion--where you can just feel it. That's exactly what this scene was, and I loved every second of it. It's not every day on the Upper East Side (or in an airport hotel room in Queens?) that you see someone (let alone, Lonely Boy) calling BS on Blair. It was fab.

-  Blair's outfit the entire episode. I Heart NY. No words.





-  Blair choosing not to listen to what everyone is telling her to do.. and then her regretting her decisions. She keeps making countless awful decisions on her own, and then four and a half seconds later, she has an "oops" moment. Please, B, just listen to what people are telling you--they know best at this point, believe it or not.

-  The Royal family. More and more if that's even possible. Do they have souls? Hearts? Someone should tell them to scram.




-  Serena loving on Dan, Dan loving on Blair. It's just weird. Serena and Dan are extremely related at this point, and Blair is married (at 21) and in love with Chuck. This weirdo love triangle (square? pentagon? octagon?) has got to stop.

-  There was paparazzi everywhere at the wedding, yet not ONE person seemed to have seen Blair fleeing the party--out the front door--except for Georgina? Highly unlikely.

-  Blair continuing to turn down Chuck after he continues to swoop in and save the day. Her perfect knight in shining armor. But to Blair it's, Eh, I appreciate the offer but respectfully decline. Get your shit together, B. He's not going to wait around forever.




With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we're bound to see the juciest of juicy unravel next week. And if this Dan and Blair thing actually happens, well, then I just don't even know what.

Royal Wedding Aftermath (naturally)

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What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.


blair-waldorf-just-married_556x363.jpgThat's pretty much all I have to say about last night's 100th episode of Gossip Girl, "The Royal Wedding." But then again, GG loves to throw its viewers a good curve ball. So I have to admit it: they got me. I guess they assumed everyone else would assume Blair wouldn't actually go through with the wedding, so to throw everyone off, they had to make it happen. Sneaky.
Of course, this week's episode made me question a few things (and appreciate a few as well..Princess Bride reference anyone?).



Such as:
1. The real Charlie Rhodes (Lola) just happens to work for the catering company of Blair's wedding? And Nate's holiday party? And Lily and Rufus don't recognize her from when they nearly chased after her at Julliard and think it's weird? Yeah, sure. And where is Ivy? Max? So unfinished. So frustrating.


0511Charlie1.jpg2. WTF Louis? Who do you think you are? First, you're lame for marrying Blair even after hearing and seeing that she loves Chuck. Second, you're lame for being a lying, psycho fuh-reak. I mean, who says that? Ew. Did he only say those things as a way to "get back" at Blair for humiliating him? We should have seen this coming when Blair foreshadow-ed it by saying, "Louis will never hurt me." Silly us.
3. Beatrice...where are you? Last week you planned Blair's bachelorette party, turned good-girl, and became Blair's best friend and now you're not in the wedding? Let alone you don't even show up for it? Kinda rude if you ask me. As if the royal princess wouldn't show up to her brother's royal wedding. Yeah, right.
4. Georgina, really? You live in Brooklyn now? Hm, that's weird. And you're GG? For some reason, I have a feeling the actual "Gossip Girl" just turned it over to her. That's what it made it seem like, right? I definitely don't think its been her the entire time. That's too easy.


Thumbnail image for 39b997273928d0c6_GG1_xxxlarge_0.jpg 
And of course, the topic everyone is talking about: Blair and Chuck. Here's the easy answer... There's still one more confirmed season of GG, so, who the hell would watch it if Blair and Chuck got together now? They are the twosome that makes fans come back for more. Putting them together now would cut viewers in half for the last season. But the only thing I'm worried about is, will that be too late? Are people going to get sick of this constant back-and-forth, back-and-forth situation? It's getting old, exhausting, and people are going to lose interest soon. And now this whole Serena/Dan thing? They are extremely related at this point, remember? It boggles my mind how all of these characters can date, break up, become best friends, and then repeat that process... over and over and over again. Sigh.

Until next week!

One Short Week Away

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With Blair's Royal Wedding only one short week away, this week's episode of Gossip Girl, "Father & The Bride," only took everyone's curiousity to the next level. At this point in the season, we all have the idea of what is going to happen, but how it's going to play out is what the buzz seems to be all about. With soon-to-be-sister Beatrice's return, a few questions were answered this week, but viewers were left wondering even more so than before. Let's see:


1. Beatrice, who has spent her entire life wanting the throne, all of a sudden changes her mind? She's sick of being mean and scheming? Yeah, suuure. And this preist friend of hers... apparently he's been around, but does anyone remember who he is?


blair party.jpg


2. After the scene at Vera Wang, I started to think.. Didn't Blair agree to wear the Princess' wedding dress earlier this season? Maybe the Princess allowed her to shop elsewhere as long as she got fitted by Vera herself. Nbd.


blair dan vera.jpg 

3. Cece, nice of you to make a brief visit a few episodes ago. Are you sick? No, seriously.. those meds you were taking seemed pretty serious. But don't tell your family. I mean, what would Gossip Girl be without dozens of family members and friends keeping hundreds of secrets from each other?



4. Finally, the last thing I cannot stop thinking about is the mysterious paternity test results. Even though Blair lost the baby, it really wasn't ever confirmed that it was Louis' baby. Yes, they said it was, but the results envelope Dan gave Blair to read was NOT the same original envelope that Louis found taped back together in Blair's drawer. That's the envelope I want to see opened and read. That's the envelope that still hasn't be read by anyone. Including Louis, even when he found it. Interesting.


In the mean time, as I anxiously await the Royal Wedding, there is a little part of me that's nervous: What if Blair actually goes through with it and marries Louis? She's not going to actually marry him. No way. But, what if she does? I haven't even prepared for that. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Here We Go

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One of the things I love (and hate) about The CW's Gossip Girl is that it constantly leaves you hanging and somehow never seems to answer all of your questions. I guess that's what makes the show so addicting--viewers can't ever seem to get their fix with just one episode. That urge of always wanting more of the show is what got me hooked when I started watching five seasons ago when the series began. After being a committed reader to all of the books in the book series, I was estatic when it then moved to TV. Although the show, now in its fifth season, has strayed so far away from the book series' storyline, I absolutely love the show and even appreciate when the writers sometimes hint at the book storyline in the show (like Monkey, Chuck's dog. Ironic, huh?)* Reagrdless, the show has got that edge that makes people want to talk about it. All the time. And they do.


After last week's episode, "The End of the Affair?," I found myself (as per usual) asking (what seems like) a list of never-ending questions. To start...


1. Where is Eric? Okay, we get it: Jenny was shipped off to boarding school (aka her contract with the show ended), but Eric sort of just.. disappeared. One episode he was there, and then out of no where he was gone. Then Lily aludes to him being home for the holidays, but honestly.. home from where? No one knows where he went in the first place!



2. After Chuck and Blair's accident, the last scene was of Diana (which by the way, did her and The Captain plan the whole Nate/Spectator plot before the two lovebirds met in LA?) on the phone with Jack Bass discussing Chuck being in the hospital. The two both agreed they would return; however, a few months after the accident, the two showing up to be at Chuck's side seemed to have never happened. And if Chuck's situation was so life-threatening this time that Jack needed to get involved, where was he when Chuck got shot in Europe? Getting shot is pretty life-threatening too, you know. Way to prioritize, Jack. And he can find out about the car accident within minutes, but Chuck gets shot and goes missing for months and Jack never hears of it? Interesting.




3. What was up with Diana burning the picture of Chuck's mom in that folder? Kinda sketch if you ask me. After the Jack Bass phone call scene, many people have put the two scenes together and guessed that Diana is Chuck's real mom. Seems kind of far-fetched. But the truth will come out eventually, just as it always does.


4. Remember Prince Louis' semi-evil sister and her plan to break up the wedding? Did she give up? Because we haven't heard from her or seen her in quite some time. Either she's doing some serious scheming, or she's gievn ip on her indecisive pursue for the royal throne.



5. Did Louis not care that his fiance was in a car, making out and planning to runaway with her ex-boyfriend a few weeks before their wedding? It seems as if he never found out, but the paparazzi got some clear shots of the two sucking face. He is so in love with Blair, regardless of the fact that she has now cheated on him.. Two times? Three times? It's like, put your foot down every once in a while, Louis. You are a Prince, right?




6. Charlie's boyfriend gave up on trying to sell her story? She sprints out of town, so you'd think it'd be easy for him to go to the media now without her there trying to stop him. But apparently he gave up. Hm.


Thumbnail image for boyfriend.jpg


7. And finally, are any of them still in college? I feel like none of them have been to class, let alone, on campus in months. Yes, Serena is taking time off. We get that. But Nate? Blair? Dan? Aren't you still students? Or did you all drop out? Weird.


Like I mentioned before, the truth about everything and everyone always gets leaked eventually, so these are just a few questions to be on the lookout for with the big 100th episode just around the corner. Also, did you notice that since Gossip Girl is currently "gone" there was no "Gossip Girl here..." opening at the beginning of the show? Clever. Oh, so clever.


*In the book series, Chuck has a pet monkey.