Sara Sopher dishes it out on the latest happenings on Gossip Girl.


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Wow. We need to talk about this season finale. And all of the episodes leading up to it. I've been slacking, I know, and I'm sorry.
But really, OMFGG. They made us believe Diana was Chuck's mom (which I called from weeks ago), only to reveal she's not, threw in another B & C lovestorm, brought back Bart from the dead, turned Serena into a druggie, and even more. So yes, we really have a lot we need to discuss.
As I continue to think and re-think the pandemonium that was the past few episodes, I can't help but believe that we're actually revisiting the past--the most recent events feel more like seasons 1, 2, and 3 than ever before. Hello? Serena and Dan with the infamous S & N sex scene reference? Rufus and Lily having trouble again? Now she's back with Bart? B & C and all their games? Now all we need is Eric to check back into rehab, Little J to make some freshmen mistakes, and Venessa to run off with Dan, and BOOM, that's the Gossip Girl we all know and love.
First things first, what a twisted fancy story Diana had about being Chuck's mom. My only question is--what's the deal with the picture? Are Jack and Elizabeth Chuck's real parents? And Bart.. you come back from the dead and completely destroy your son? What the hell is wrong with you? EW times one thousand. Million.

Carol is a psycho. And the whole money thing from Ivy to Lily to Carol to William to Lily slash Lola to Ivy again? Phew. I need a glass of water just after trying to process all that. But if Ivy wanted her money all along, why did she tear up the check Lily gave her for helping to arrest Carol? Weird.
Speaking of Lily, I loved that the Rufus/Lily drama was back, but really? They are going to get divorced so abruptly? Lily needs some major help. And so does her daughter. S has officially gone off the deep-end and back into pre-boarding school S. #score.
The final episode with the diary entries was adorable. But it's so frustrating how Blair is with Chuck. And then how Chuck was with Blair. And then they were in a casino? And Jack was their friend? Literally, so many things have happened, so many relationships have been torn, pieced back together, and torn again, that I can't even keep track anymore of who's on who's side. Sigh.
In the end, I am only left with two questions:
1. What ever happened to Nate's assistant who was being all sneaky? Remember her?
2. Who the hell is Svetlana Sparks??? If you watch the past few episodes again, and pause, right where Lola reads the letter from GG, it is signed, Svetlana Sparks. Yes, there's a Georgina Sparks, so maybe I'm reading into it, but this is all too weird.
It seems as if the tables have turned on every character who usually has a predicable future, and I can't wait to see what happens in the final season of GG.
Have a wonderful summer, and try to stay out of trouble. xoxo

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