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James Cameron and Angelina Jolie Making Cleopatra?

Not so fast! 

Last week, it was widely reported James Cameron was preparing to make a new, revamped version of the classic Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton film Cleopatra, but the director is telling people not to assume the project has been greenlit.

According to ComingSoon.net, Cameron's main focus is Avatar 2 and Avatar 3.  I'll pause for a moment while fans scream with glee, and I start looking for some Tylenol to dull the pain I get from that throbbing vein in my forehead (I hope I am not having a stroke).

Cameron, much like Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings (and Robert Zemeckis did with Back to the Future 2 & 3) , wants to film both movies in one production, but realizes he will have to do something amazing to keep the special effects fresh and interesting (I wish he would do the same with the story and script). 

Given how much work needs to go into the Avatar projects, and demand for Jolie, I can't imagine this will happen.  If you want to see Jolie in a toga, I suggest you rent Alexander, where she puts on the worst accent I have ever heard from an Oscar winner.