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Tron: Legacy - You Can Look, But You Better Not Think - Review

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tronposter.jpgIs it really a legacy when barely anyone remembers the first movie, and most of those who do remember it do not do so fondly?

Garrett Hedlund stars as Sam Flynn - the rebellious heir to the Encom fortune left behind by his long lost father, Kevin (Jeff Bridges).  He's not all that interested in the corporate world, and his only interaction with the company is an annual prank he pulls to annoy those who actually work there instead of collecting riches because they won the gene pool lottery and inherited it from Daddy, but I digress.

His father's old pal and trusted right hand man, Alan Brady (Bruce Boxleitner), has received a strange page from Kevin (pagers still work in 2010?), which leads Sam to go investigate his father's secret office.  Once there, Sam is sucked into a virtual computer world, and finds Kevin.  

Can the two figure out a way to get themselves back into the real world?

Can they stop Kevin's computer generated alter-ego, Clu (Also Jeff Bridges), who has a dastardly plan to bust out and take over the real world?

Tron: Legacy is a great deal like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  It looks AWESOME, but it's not so smart.  

Director Joseph Kosinski focuses on the flash and special effects, sacrificing any substance writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis may or may not have added to the script.  Tron: Legacy has a super simple story where background and storytelling are just engaged in because Kosinski didn't have $1 billion for action scenes, so he had to do something, however reluctant he might have been to do so.  You can almost hear Kosinski on set saying something like, "I can't blow stuff up for 2 hours? OK, I guess the characters could talk to each or something to kill time."     
Of course, Kitsis and Horowitz don't exactly give us the most brilliant of dialogue when they get the chance.  No one says anything meaningful, even if the character might be trying.  Without anything interesting to say Kevin comes off like a mix of Bill Gates and The Dude when trying to be meaningful and parental, while Sam is a vacant pretty boy.  Each character ends up uttering something silly and goofy, when maybe that wasn't the intention, while supporting characters like Michael Sheen's Zuse are pushed to moronic extremes.  Some of that is writing, but you also have to point the finger at Kosinski.

Tron: Legacy
is an experience if you want to go for the big screen 3-D marvel (I saw it on IMax 3D and felt it worked at times, but not at all times), and only care about some good action. 


1 ½ Waffles (Out of 4)

Tron: Legacy is rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language.   


Plenty of us remember the first movie, fondly. I think you're way off base.

I dont get how a internet based blogger can say that people dont know or remember fondly the origianl Tron. Come down off your horse watch a move for what it is entertainment .....

"most of those who do remember it do not do so fondly?"

What is that? There is a reason it's a cult classic, because most of us that watched it enjoyed the hell out of it! That has got to be the most inaccurate statement to date by a reviewer. Get your head out of your quiet, artsy flicks and stop trying to compare Tron to the likes of your thinking man's movies. Tron is about fun. Tubby.

I have not seen this movie as of yet and I cannot comment on it directly. I can however comment on the statement that most do not remember the original Tron fondly. I feel that this is a gross mis-statement as the original was quite entertaining and was heralded as being a cgi masterpiece at the time. I am sorry you do not remember this accurately. Obviously you were not a movie-critic then. A movie consists of more then just dialogue and even at times, more then just plot. Creativity is an amazing quality of a film which becomes more important to me each day. I live in a world where we have 1000 tv shows where three judges rate the art form of the day, possibly performed by stars. One judge is British and harsh, one is crazy and the last is self absorbed. Sound familiar? Therefore, when movies come along that break the mold of hollywood boredom, I am usually a supporter. The original Tron did that. It held my attention and interest and I was about ten years old. I hope the new Tron can do that, but I am very sceptical. Disney has become the ultimate producer of carbon-copied junk in the last 15 years.

Sorry, but y'all are confusing sentimentality with quality. It's ok, I still think Battle Beyond the Stars is a terrific movie - but I wouldn't argue that it's actually any good. Tron had great visuals (for the era), some exciting action sequence, but that was about it. While it was less boring than, say, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, my 12 year old special effects-loving self would've preferred an afternoon playing the genuinely entertaining Tron arcade game at Funspot to the cinematic slog I got.