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I Am Number Four - There Won't Be A Number Five - Review

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iamnumber4poster.jpgAlex Pettyfer stars as Number Four - an alien hiding out on Earth after another, more aggressive alien race, The Mogadorians, attacked his planet and killed all but a few special kids with very special powers, who are scattered across the world (our world is so special). 

After a close call in Florida, and finding out Numbers 1, 2 and 3 have all been killed, Number Four's protector, Henri (Timothy "The Guy Who Looks Like a Tougher and Meaner Ryan Seacrest" Olyphant), decides they need to head off to Ohio, and gives Number Four the identity of John.  

John is supposed to keep a low profile, but soon starts dating the school's provocative and prolific photographer, Sarah (Dianna Agron), and becomes enemies with the football team.  That won't attract any attention, right?

As John's profile grows, will The Mogadorians find him?  

Is it possible for him to find true love with Sarah, or is this some Romeo and Juliet situation where our star crossed lovers are destined for pain and agony?

Director D.J. Caruso seems to be relying on the cute factor instead of great storytelling and taught action.  Pettyfer is cute.  Agron is cute.  They have cute romantic moments.  Even the little lost dog John adopts is cute. 

Yet, the biggest failing in I Am Number Four is the cheap feel of it.  Special effects don't feel special, and the makeup on the bad guys doesn't make them scarier.   

The evil Mogadorians should be the furthest thing from cute, but come off more comical than dangerous, which makes John's conflicts with the doofy football players a source of more drama than anything with the killer aliens.  And, I guess that's my second biggest complaint about I Am Number Four.  It never gets all that dangerous.  It's bland.

I Am Number Four
never goes beyond the typical and the average.  Pettyfer might have a nice set of abs, but his acting chops aren't as well developed.  The audience should be on the edge of their seats and scared for this hero, but Pettyfer never makes us feel anything for the kid.   
Then, writers Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Marti Noxon (based on the novel by Jobie Hughes and James Frey) want to hint at future developments instead of delivering developments.  Eventually, I Am Number Four starts to feel like a prequel as Gough, Millar and Noxon reveal this movie is being developed as the first of several in a franchise.  

Sadly, based on this outing, I Am Number Four doesn't deserve a sequel.  I'm not even sure it deserved this one-quel.   


1 Waffle (Out of 4)

I Am Number Four is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and for language.  


Listen here person! I think this show definitly deserves a number five! I thought it was thrilling not SCARY but who cares i thought it looked amazing and guess what IT WAS! So you can just take tht "It doesnt even deserve a sequel or even this one-quel" and go tell it to something else, because this movie was great and if there wasnt a sequel to this movie i would be so angry i would throw a chair, and thats if i can lift it up in the first place! I just think you have different opinions and thats fine. Just dont go dissin good movies!

A person with a better opinion

This movie is fantastic. Cant wait for Number 5!

Didn't the movie come in #5 at the box office opening weekend? :-)

you need a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS NUMBER 2 in the B
Ox office

Ok i dont care if it was number five in the box office cuz tht person said its number 2 in the bix office AND i thnk tht movie was amazing! Dont judge it poorly! :P

gosh, whats wrong w/ you?!?!no offense, but you need at least three more waffles. this movie was good, i got goosebumps. and btw, there was no reason to feel ANYTHING about the kid, i knew he could take care of his big,handsome self

This was a great movie it had me wanting more i can't wait til the sequel and who ever you are making this article i think you should find another profession and don't quite your day job you have bad taste for movies

Willie Waffle I truly believe you need a different profession. Anyone who would give I am number four a bad review and give a good rating to yet another Scream movie (which by the way stopped being interesting after the first one) truly has no business being a film critic.

That movie was bad ass and u sayin it don't diserve a sequel is so far from what this movie needs. it was amazing and if they did it right there should be plunty more amazing to come.

Hope there will be a sequel... liked it a lot.
Number six is awesome!

This movie was so good. I will be very sad if you don't make more. Just because they weren't scary enough doesn't mean the movie isn't bad. You need to make a sequels. Just because you do not think it does people that watch it does think it deserves a sequel. We liked it. I can't wait to see what the next is going to be like. I really can't wait.