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Friends With Benefits - Here We Go Again - Review


friendswbenefitsposter.jpgYes, you have seen this movie before.  This was the same premise as No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, which came out earlier this year (and you should always be ashamed of yourself if you are copying Ashton Kutcher).  It even was an episode of Seinfeld, so why would you waste your money now?

Justin Timberlake stars as Dylan - a talented art director recruited to work for a major magazine's website by headhunter Jamie (Mila Kunis).  During the process, the two hit it off like long lost pals, and form a friendship.  However, they are both super hot and super horny, so Dylan and Jamie decide, against all evidence to the contrary, they can have a physical-only relationship when the mood strikes, and never worry about real emotions and feelings.  

How long until Dylan and Jamie realize they are falling in love?

Don't be screaming about how I tossed out a spoiler there!  You knew where this movie was going from the first moment you saw a commercial or read the first line of the plot summary.   Sadly, Friends With Benefits doesn't throw out enough surprises to make up for the predictability. 

Timberlake and Kunis try their best to make up for the lack of material, and show they are much better than the words on the pages of the script.  The two have fantastic chemistry and know how to play off each other's tones and reactions to keep us sporadically entertained and mildly interested in what might happen to the characters.  However, it's not enough to make Friends With Benefits worth rushing out to see.

Director Will Gluck doesn't get much of a story to tell from the three person writing team (although, he is a credited co-writer, so I guess he should take some of the blame).  Gluck seems content to float from moment to moment instead of building up some details and plot twists.  Even the limited number of big changes, added subplots and shocking revelations feel forced.  Friends With Benefits comes off more like a series of scenes, some funny and some not, rather than being a well rounded and well told movie. 
Friends With Benefits will make you laugh a few times, and everyone seems to be having fun playing around with romantic comedy clichés, but the movie, ultimately, is brought down by clichés.

And, for those who care, you see Timberlake's butt, and some body double's butt standing in for Kunis (don't ever accuse me of avoiding the information you really want).


1 ½ Waffles (Out of 4)

Friends With Benefits is rated R for sexual content and language.