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Paranormal Activity 4 - They're Baaaaack, Agaaaaain - Review


paranormalactivity4poster.jpgHere we go again!  Since I was creeped out walking home, alone in the dark from the theater to my empty apartment, Paranormal Activity 4 accomplishes the mission of scaring you out of your underpants.  

Alex (Kathryn Newton) is a teen girl living in Henderson, NV five years after the mysterious disappearance of Katie (Katie Featherston) and baby Hunter in Paranormal Activity 2.

A strange boy, Robbie (Brady Allen), who would just happen to be about the same age as Hunter, has moved in across the street, and his mother (who we have never seen) suddenly has to go to the hospital, so Alex's Mom and Dad agree to take the boy in for a few days. 

Oh, and the strange acting little boy has an imaginary friend he keeps talking to!

Oh, and Alex and her boyfriend decide to set up computers all over the house to record what is going on as things go bump in the night!

Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made the fantastic Paranormal Activity 3, are back for more, which is a good thing.  Like the use of the camera on a fan that kept going back and forth between rooms to shocking effect in that movie, the two come up with a VERY cool way to give us insight into what is moving around the house and causing all of those problems.  I have a feeling every ghost hunting show on TV will be employing the same technique.  

Yet, Paranormal Activity 4 needs a little more.  Schulman and Joost do a wonderful job creating plenty of scares, especially those long, seemingly never ending quiet scenes where the audience is forced to wait and wait and wait and wait for the scare we know is coming.  It is fantastic tension building with great payoffs.

They even have a recurring joke where a certain line is uttered by more than one character, but always cut off just before we hear the profanity.  It's funny stuff. paranormalactivity4PARAMOUNT.jpg 

However, it takes too long to get to the meat of the story.  Paranormal Activity 4 comes off more like a series of scary moments rather than a cohesively told story.  We get some good plot development, but not that much, until the majority of it is rushed towards the end.  

Plus, I heard some grumbling in my theater at that ending.  I thought it fit in perfectly with what we have seen in the previous Paranormal Activity movies, but some thought it came too quickly.

Get ready for Paranormal Activity 5 same time next year.  


2 ½ Waffles (Out of 4)

Paranormal Activity 4 is rated R for language and some violence/terror