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Don't Underestimate the Relationship Between a Man and His Mother

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One of the most important introductions that you will have is when you meet a man's mother.  If a man wants you to meet his mother or family, this means he's getting serious about you.  When that opportunity comes, be ready for it, and take the introduction quite seriously.  I have three brothers and if Mom doesn't like one of my brother's girlfriends, she doesn't hesitate to let them know.


A wise woman understands the precious bond between a man and his mother.  You're not going to change it nor would you want to.  A mother is very proud of her son, especially if he's a good man.  He will want to take care of his mother and make sure that she has what she needs in life, especially as his mother gets older.  His mother values him.  You will have to prove your worth to his mother as she is protective of him and wants only the best for her son.  When I got married, my mother-in-law loved me for her son.  We got along great and she thought we were so perfect together.  Still, I knew my role and knew she didn't play around when it came to what is best for her son.


A huge red flag for me is when a guy doesn't have any relationship with his mother, and she is still living.  Or if he speaks to his mother in a disrespectful or harsh manner, he will likely treat you the same way. 


Competing with a man's mother is a lose-lose situation.  You will not win.  His mom has loved him unconditionally all his life, and well, you, not so long.  If you want a smooth relationship with your man, establishing or improving your relationship with his mother is key.


If you were to get married to him, your marriage to him will not just be you and him; you are also combining two families who will need to get along to keep things smooth and healthy.  It is also in your best interest to keep things smooth and polite with his ex-wife or baby's mama, as most men don't want unnecessary drama in their homes.  They want their home to be a place of peace.


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