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Don't blame Nike

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Something bugs me about folks who are quick to blame and complain about without taking a step back to realize the real culprit.  Themselves.

Recently Nike released a God awful color way of an iconic shoe called the Foamposite Galaxy.  To give full disclosure before heading down this road, I have been a brand loyal customer of Nike since about age 10, and have also worked closely with Nike in a prior life and still on projects today when tasked.

However being brand loyal or not I am allowed to not like every shoe they release or appreciate every aspect of the company. Yet when I hear the complaints about why Nike released only 3000 pairs of the Galaxy Foamposite or did not provide enough pairs to go around of the Air Jordan Concord this past Christmas, or even throwing blame for people dying and being robbed I become confused.

Not in one conference call or meeting that I have ever been a part of on the Beaverton, Oregon Campus did I hear 'we are going to give Retail Managers guns to hold to customers heads to make them purchase this footwear we are releasing'.  Not once.  Yet I have friends, family and folks who call into our radio show stating Nike is solely to blame for the chaos that happens.

Have I ever been ticked off about not getting a particular shoe because of the limited nature of its release?  Of course.  Did I lose sleep?  Not at all. Have been caught up in the euphoria as a sneaker head paying more than I should for a shoe because it wasn't available on the regular retail market?  Absolutely.   Why?  Because I am a sneaker fiend. 

Growing up I nor my family had the money to buy me $50 dollar shoe's let alone $150 dollar sneakers.  So I vowed to myself that when I could afford to do so I would buy as many kicks as possible and not care who didn't like it.  It was my money and I'd spend it the way I wanted to.  Well the Sneaker Culture has evolved a lot since my youth, and Nike has taken full advantage of this.  Marketing 101 is Supply and Demand.


When IPhone can't meet its demand sure there are riots and perhaps a few death's but no one focuses on it as much as they do Nike, because Nike has its history of bad labor practices. 

{Stay with me here... just to educate some folks who don't know this:  Nike does not pay the folks who make their shoes directly; rather they contract out factory owners who then pay their workers. Nike isn't alone in this practice.  Reebok, Adidas and many larger apparel and footwear companies follow this practice.  Nike has demanded improvements in these factories, but most folks don't realize this is something they didn't have to do.  I'll end this rant there, because I know this topic alone can cause its own crap storm.}

But back to Supply and Demand... if I have the best phone out but want to only produce 10,000 of them to meet the demand of 100,000 customers, I am alone driving up the demand and buzz of my product. Sure I could make more money, but I also wouldn't have many people talking about my company or that great product.  In turn, I drive customers through my doors and when they realize they can't get that phone they settle for another one.  This practice makes you more money in the long run from other phone manufacturers and your company has achieved bottom line success and exposure.

Everyone good with that factoid?  Well let's discuss why Nike isn't to blame and we are for the nonsense that ensues at these releases?  Parents are allowing their children to camp out for a week in front of stores, they are actually giving their children $200 or more dollars to purchase such a shoe. In some instances parents are allowing their children to go into area's that have NEVER been to at midnight for famed Midnight releases.  I grew up in Oxon Hill and I wouldn't go to Iverson Mall, Rivertowne or Oxon Hill Plaza at Midnight for a sneaker release.

Here's a thought. If I walk out in the rain without an umbrella I will probably get wet. If I step in front of a moving train I will have a high chance of getting hit and not surviving. So sending your kids into a neighborhood they aren't from is more than likely going to put them in a bad situation.  Something you can do if you don't like the way Nike does business, do us all a favor and go put on some Sketchers, I'm sure they will appreciate the business.  Hooters can't be the only one's keeping them afloat!

Oh Wait. I guess not.

Politically Incorrect

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Today's Flog isn't keyed on any one sport or any one person, but it was spurned by the recent talk of Jeremy Lin.  The Point Guard lighting it up for the New York Knicks.



Well... I'm a little salty and admittedly a little jealous of the dude. Right now when everyone is usually worried about being PC J. Lin becomes the guy who makes it ok to talk about his heritage, his ethnic background... and his skills being secondary to him being Asian.


Well.. I for one will not shy away from saying as only a few others have that Jeremy Lin is good and he's good for being an Asian guy.  Why are some folks sooo afraid to admit the obvious?  If I were playing with that guy, I would say YES, he is good AND I cant believe he's Asian.  Now of course I grew up not playing basketball with a lot of Asian guys, BUT I did have an Asian Quarterback in High School and his name was Todd Mizukawa and HE was Mormon!

Did Todd have any Nicknames?  Not that I remember, but the dude was good, and NOT just good for an Asian.  Just good.  However, if there was a lot of fanfare over Todd making Oxon Hill a powerhouse team because he was in fact Asian, I don't think there is a problem with it.  Why not bring attention to someone's ethnic background if they are indeed proud of who they are.  On the flip side of that people have accused me of bringing race into conversations that didn't need it, but I simply say those folks are merely uncomfortable with the discussion of race and need some self reflection and perhaps even release the guilt which makes them uncomfortable.

Tamir Goodman was the Jewish Jordan and no one was afraid to bring up his Jewish religion.  It was cool to say.

Jason Williams was called White Chocolate.

Hell I call my radio partner the little white dude all the time.

image022.jpgWhile I understand if I were the best Ballet Dancer on Broadway there would be an uproar by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson if I were called the Black Mikhail Baryshnikov.   I would be pretty damn excited however if that happened  but Jesse and Al don't represent me nor a lot of others, and society shouldn't be so worried about what those two will say or do should they speak what they feel.

We as a people should get beyond the overly critical and quick to judge on what others say... because we all know it's what we are thinking.  Entertainment is just that.  Entertainment..and if you are overly thin skinned perhaps sitting in your basement watching C-Span is what you need in life and nothing else.

I for one still make sure my Skinemax subscription is still intact.

February 14, 2012

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Have you ever been at a job that you liked but some of the people you work with or for are just not doing what everyone else THINKS they should?  Management is made out to be great at what they do, but you are always wondering why they continue to make the decisions they do?  The folks you work with are grossly overpaid making money all over the place but you are still where you were when you first got there?


No?  Me either.....



Well I know who IS like that......  John Wall.



Yes the John Wall who plays about a million minutes a game, and still has just a regular team around him.  Ever did all you could to make the company you work for better, but they just didn't appreciate you and all of sudden you found a company who did appreciate you more and to leave felt like heaven?  Its not like your former company didn't see it coming, but acted shocked and amazed that you chose to leave even after being treated like poop?


Well Washington Wizard Fans (geez I really hate that name everytime I have to spell or say it). Do NOT be shocked, amazed or in a state of disbelief when John Wall chooses to take his talents elsewhere. I've said it many times on my radio show, and that was last year; but it seems to finally be resonating with those around town and I hear echo's as if it is a new theory.  Its ok. Im used to people taking my ideas and using them as their own. It's the nature of the marketing business.


Well as my Daddy always said..."don't talk about a problem unless you can suggest a solution."


My solution?  Fire Ernie.  Yes... I know I've been on record as saying you can't fire Ernie without another GM ready to fill in, BUT firing Flip was only to appease the fans temporarily.  I don't feel as though Flip was the real sacrificial lamb.  That distinction still resides with Ernest Grunfeld.   I mean for all the women reading this... would you keep your man around if he kept making poor decisions? Maybe; if you loved him, but what's to love about Ernie?  Oh let me count the ways....



His ability to draft  talent that has developed into super stars?

His free agent signings which continue to be huge contributors?

His key re-signings of quality players while being fiscally responsible?

How about Ernie's ability to make us have light at the end of the Wizard Tunnel?



Well all sarcasm aside.  To be the GM of the Wizards there sure hasn't been much magic. No Star dust.  No even tinker bells making us smile. (No Amechie).  In fact, how the heck DOES Ernie keep his job, and beyond all else having the elephant sack to suggest to Ted, that Flip be released.



Ladies and gentlemen of my Flog.  Don't let Ted off the hook with that sugar pill he's giving you. You will have that unwanted child you didn't plan for, but you knew you would get if you kept doing what you were doing.  Ted needs to sever ties with Ernie now, begin a new culture and chapter in the Washington (Bullets) legacy.  Let all the old ways of doing things die with the Wizards name.  Or Contract.


Like a man afraid to tell his girlfriend he's found someone else, don't be afraid to do what's right and make the situation right for the long run. Everyone will trust and respect you more in the end.


If you want to see and read more of my tom foolery on a daily basis you can check me out at @ROCKDEEPMEDIA on twitter.

February 9, 2012

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So people are freaking out about a middle finger during the Super Bowl eh?



Well guess what?  She wasn't the only one flipping the Middle Fingered Salute at half time.  I flipped a few at the commercials, the Giants for letting the game be close, Tom Brady for wearing Uggs. Tom Brady having hair like Justin Beiber and just Tom Brady for getting to go to bed with Gisele and buy a house that's bigger than my life.  Yeah yeah.... so I'm hating a little, but don't we all get to at some point?  I'm not envious I don't think... just hating.

Description: Description:


But back to my point.  I think this is what the NFL gets for giving us Madonna.  I grew up on Madonna and I for one was not in the mood for a material girl who thinks Pappa Don't Preach.


Why can't the folks in charge at the NFL Entertainment division turn things over to the younger generation.  Don't they understand folks 25 - 54 spend a lot of money and don't really identify with the Rock Stars of Yesteryear?  I'm not saying we need Lil Wayne or Nikki Minaj.  Please no Nikki Minaj.   However, isn't Jay Z and Beyonce mainstreet enough?  Maybe even Common who does movies and Drake?




Check that... they are too busy fighting over Serena Williams.... see my previous Flog for that story.


But back to the Halftime events at Super Bowl. I say we remove the over the top lighting and dancers and go back to the days of Marching Bands or at the very least import a few HBCU schools with rhythm and have Nick Cannons Drum Line take over.  That's something I would stay tuned into.



After all, it appears my favorite groups like the Bee Gees, Frankie Goes to HollyWood, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran or Red just aren't being considered so why not think outside the box.. which was the original box to begin with?




Don't judge me.... we ALL have those unexpected things about us not many others know.  Well now ya do.  If you want to check out my daily Flogs on twitter you can find me at @ROCKDEEPMEDIA

February 6, 2012

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So Randy Whitman you are the new Interim Coach of the Washington "Professional" Basketball Team!  What are you going to do now?  Well you will probably have time to go to Disney World because you wont be here beyond this season. 

Unfortunately the Wizards can't play the Charlotte Bobcats 40 times a season and because of those same Bobcats you appear to be a tad better than Ted won't get the chance at as many ping pong balls in the hopper for the Draft.  So what does the team have to look forward to you might ask?   Flip is out.  Andre Blatche is out (albeit 3 to 5 weeks) and the team is playing MUCH better basketball under Randy Whitman.... against the Bobcats.

But this ain't going to cut it. 

I asked the question of many callers who's to blame and what should happen next.  The answer repeatedly was Ernie Grunfield over and over again.  The question that could NOT be answered by the faithful who are left to follow this dreaful team is what would happen if Ernie is fired and shown the door anytime soon?  No GM could come in and assess the situation and make any viable or critical changes to show the fans there is a new course or direction in which the team is trying to make.

However keeping Ernie around the rest of the season with no moves means the organization really doesn't care how bad the team is this year and they expect fans to keep coming out to see a terrible product and if Charlotte comes to town it's merely battle of the scrubs. But hey I said this during my last flog.... so I digress.

Speaking of scrubs.

Will every so called Radio and Television pundit in town PLEASE stop talking about Peyton Manning as a possible candidate to be the next starting QB of my Washington Redskins?  When Dan Snyder in the past has signed someone's old gold we cried, we complained and moaned, PLEASE develop our own.

So finally it appeared we were on that path.  However now fans and pundits alike are pondering the possibility of another old guy "what if"?  Usually one might ask what everyone is smoking but it has to be in the water.   Well some sources have the Skins moving up to #2 to get Robert Griffin III.  Why?  To damage the rest of the draft? Other sources say we are making a play to get Peyton Manning.  Well my sources say all the other sources are crazy.  We (The Skins) cant be trying to go in BOTH directions.

We the fans really need to put our faith in letting this process play out. Let our minds be at ease.  Let the offseason actually be OUR offseason as well.  It could be a feeling of relaxation and uber sheer delight. Let's as a group see how this works out before we join in on the reindeer games.

Think it can happen?  If not check me out at @ROCKDEEPMEDIA to see how my daily thoughts are simmering between Flogs.

Teds Take - Take Meds

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If no one reads my Flogs and I drive no traffic to the site, it's more than likely this blog won't run a long and fruitful course.  However if I have folks from the depths of Manassas to the shores of Annapolis tuning in to see what tomfoolery I have to say, well that helps me,, Programming and it may even bring back Dawson's Creek.  Not likely but maybe....


I would even venture to say it's a hard thing keeping your job if you in your everyday going's on have a pitiful performance as a manager OR a worker bee.  Whether it be putting out fires like my radio partner Kevin, or helping run the state of Maryland like Jack Johnson who coincidentally will be making more money in jail than he did out of it, having his wife stuff checks in her big draws. *Simply Unreal*


I must admit this Blog was originally going to be about WHY in Sam hell is Flip Saunders still the coach of the Washington Semi-Professional Basketball team.


Then Flip got the boot.  So I'll adjust accordingly and tell you why it aint over.

image003.jpgSo aside from Jerry Rice's horrific outtings as an ESPN analyst; please someone tell me how in the world Flip Saunders retained his position as Head Coach THIS LONG?  The guy who let the players run the asylum by stating WHEN they will be playing and IF they are playing and IF they will be re-entering the game.  ErnieThe guys who consistenly have lottery picks.  The same folks who barely have anyone they drafted or traded for two years ago let alone three years ago.

image004.jpgSomeone tell me why Flip flexed his muscles on Javelle (I can jump like a mug, but refuse to stay in the paint) McGee about a silly self-assisted Dunk, but last season when Blatche said he wasn't going back in the game OR EVEN this season when Rashard Lewis refused right before the start of the game he wasn't playing Flip did nothing.   Well Flip.. Ernie cut your manhood off last season when he said you had to start Blatche and you had to tuck that same manhood this season when it came to coaching this team. Now you have been set free.

Flip Saunders might as well have been called Flip Wilson... because he became nothing but a joke to the team and ultimately the fans.

image005.jpgBut let's not let this all fall into the lap of Flip.  I would tend to say Ted "The Marketing Genius" Leonsis did Flip a favor by letting him go but instead of doing so much earlier than this Flip admitted Ted said to him "don't worry about the naysayers we know what the deal is" *wink wink*.  WTH!!!  So you Mr. Leonsis GAVE Flip a pass to fail and fail miserably? Flip himself admitted when he benched Javelle that Flip is "old school". Ya think Flip?  Well I would say that's the best thing you could have admitted in your tenure as the Washington Izards coach.  These guys don't need an old school approach mixed with a laid back non disciplined attitude. They need Tebow.  I kid I kid.


Well to my point of why this major debacle isn't quite over...and folks wondering if Ernie is soon to follow.  (I hope you are sitting down Wiz Fans).  Ted can't fire Ernie unless he has another GM in place which would mean Ted knew all along this was going to go in this direction.  Ted must retain Ernie in order to make SOMETHING happen by the trade deadline.  If Ernie knows like I do, HE is dead man walking.  We all know the short timer feeling when you are about to get fired or found something better.  Nothing at your current job is quite as important anymore.  Whats Ernies incentive to make this team better?   Who actually has faith that Ernie who got the team into this mess continually can get them out with Blockbuster trades by the deadline?


Well, Ted has decisions to make.  If he keeps Ernie and no moves are made, Ted is telling all the fans left coming to the Phone Booth that he has no concern of being competitive this season even while losing.  If he fires Ernie a new GM has to quickly make moves and do something to give us a reason not to bash the team again.  Chew on that Wizards fans.  I would say I feel for you, but I'm really detached from a team who calls themselves the Harry Potters.


I could get into a LONG Article, Column or novel about ALL the reasons this team will remain crap for years to come, but since it's a blog I'll TRY to maintain a word count. When Ted realizes the Washington Basketball team is not the Washington Hockey team and that while having the sack to fire the successful Coach Bruce Boudreau who brought you back to hockey prominence while consistently going to the playoffs but allowing Ernie to feed Flip and any replacement Coach a Deli Burger and sell it as Five Guys is not the path to take.... the Basketball team MIGHT.. just MIGHT have a chance. Wow, that was a hell of a run on sentence!!!


I could go on and on but Washington Basketball Fans please realize that this team will NEVER attract Marquee stars and lead the league in Jersey sales until there is a revamping of thought process.  This starts at the top with "Can do no wrong" Ted.....and trickles down from there.  If saving a few sheckles by cutting Flip early in his contract and but not using the amnesty clause on Andre Blatche's contract is your way of being cheap, you should do what Michael Jordan told Mr. Polin (God Rest his soul) years ago.

You can follow me on Twitter where I Flog all day long everyday on @RockdeepMedia and @KevinandRock

Welcome All, To My Inaugural Blog...

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RockDeep 01 BK-small.jpg

Welcome all, to my inaugural blog!  Aptly named the Getting RockDeep Flog.

Flog you ask? Well wonder no more.  The word Flog by's definition is: beat with a whip, stick, etc., especially as punishment;whip; scourge.

2.Slang .              a. to sell, especially aggressively or vigorously.

                                b. to promote; publicize.


Well I will try to definitely whip the readers into submission with my whit, humor and obviously good looks. (Don't worry I will post pics of myself often).  As for the Flog... look for plenty of dot dot dot's.  It's my signature.  Don't look for a lot of stats.  Those are for people who really want to substantiate their facts with useless numbers that tell me what they want to prove. Not whats really tangible... at least in my world.

Today I present you the Sweet Baby Jesus offseason.   For those not in the know; that  means hopefully there will be LESS talk regarding Tim 'Gods Only Son' Tebow, unless the announcers for the SEC basketball games find a way to crowbar his name into a conversation (shameless plug for DC50).


However I digress.  In the RockDeep Flog I ask that you not expect well thought outintrospection, but random thoughts of a person who will speak without interruption through the power of the internet. Usually it's actually me interrupting my radio partner Kevin on our weekly (sometimes) radio show Kevin and Rock on 106.7 The Fan.

For instance... the Redskins enter their offseason with many many questions.  Most will go unanswered until the start of next season.  Yet we will talk about it more than how the Caps are doing, who the Nats trade for, or miss out on and of course the hapless, pitiful, please contract... Washington Wizards.

In keeping with my ability to be brutally honest and without a filter, I should let all the readers know I am a die hard Washington Redskins Fan. I am also a die hard Los Angeles Lakers fan, and more over a Lebron James apologist for reasons I can not discuss (insert lol here).  I can be swayed by a great opinion but for the most part I admittedly think I know a lot... just not everything.  Debate is great, and being able to agree to disagree is always ok with me. (If only women would buy into this concept when it comes to relationships).

Speaking of relationships.


Since I tend to tie Sports and Entertainment into the stories I tell, when Hip Hop meets Sports, who thought it would come down to a virtual "beef" between Drake and Common...... over Serena Williams.   To say the least I'm confused.  To say the most and quote Mike Ditka "stop it". Serena Williams?  Of course she's not my type, but for two dudes that I respect greatly and some folks would probably confuse me for in public I am embarrased.  Serena Williams while Im sure is a great person and fun to be not cute and we all know no female wants to be known as fun and a great person right?


I'd rather fawn over Martina Navratilova but that's just me.

Well I think I've said enough for an introductory blog...or Flog if you will, but come back weekly and sometimes more than once a week to see what I've got on my mind.

Did I mention I wasn't very politically correct?  I think the suits at DC50 knew this when they hired me.